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We make delicious cold press wonder juices using organic, locally sourced ingredients. Cold pressing isn’t the easiest way to juice but we love it because it means a juice packed with nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants. 



There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love breakfast, and those who prefer to go hungry til around 11am (psychopaths, all of you). Fortunately, YouJuice caters to both – serving up fresh, nutritious vegan food from the early hours to late afternoon. And my god, is it delicious.

I visit on a Wednesday morning, truly feeling the mid-week hump. I’ve also been feeling a small tickle at the back of my throat for the last few days – you know, the kind which lets you know it’s going to really mess you up if you don’t get your shit together and cram your body full of nutrients pronto. I mention this, using not quite so colourful language, to the lovely ladies at YouJuice and am immediately sat down with a turmeric shot (£3.25). Made from a combination of ginger, lemon, orange, fennel, raw honey (the only potentially non-vegan thing on the menu) and the aforementioned turmeric, this comes with a hell of a kick, and I can feel it getting to work almost instantly. Take that, mysterious lurgy.

While the shot probably provided enough vitamin C to fend off scurvy for a lifetime, it was not enough to satisfy my ravenous stomach, so I also opted for one of YouJuice’s new breakfast bowls (£5.50). Filled with chia seeds, banana, homemade ‘yoghurt’ (blended avocado, bananas, almond milk and berries), raw granola, orange and pomegranate seeds, it’s easily the healthiest meal I’ve had all month. I wasn’t a huge fan of the granola chunks, which I found quite flavourless (though granted I’m not a massive fan of seeds),  but the yoghurt was a massive treat – and I stayed full until dinner time.

I washed it all down with a small bottle of L2 juice (£4.25) – made from spirulina, apple, pineapple, kale, celery, lemon, cucumber and avocado. I’m told this juice in particular is good for “uplifting mood and anti-oxidising” among other things, but after this morning’s health kick I feel a bit more like I’m ready to run a marathon or transform into Wonder Woman – whichever comes first.

YouJuice is at 96 North Road & 17 Montpelier Place, Brighton, and 48 Brunswick Street East, Hove.


A fruitful start to 2018 for juice bars

THE owner of a chain of Brighton-based juice bars with celebrity customers says business is booming after a challenging 2017.

Anita Drozd is the sole owner of Youjuice which has shops in North Road, Brunswick Street East and Montpelier Place. She has spent the past four years creating and selling a range of healthy products. The business, which started out as a hobby in Anita’s kitchen, has expanded rapidly.

Today she has three Youjuice bars up and running in Brighton, counting famous faces such as Zoella, Alfie Deyes and DJ Zoe Ball as regular customers and friends.

But with every opportunity comes a challenge and whilst business is booming today, Anita’s journey hasn’t always been easy.

She said: “Last year we hit some major milestones. We reached 11 employees, traded out of three locations, and started distributing our juices in big offices and other health orientated restaurants such as Silo and Infinity Food Cafe. Such rapid growth is intense and we were really up against it. The year 2017 was about survival.”

Keen to ensure sustainable expansion, Anita took out a cash advance from iZettle to help her manage her cashflow as she grew her operations. She said: “I’ve been using iZettle’s card readers to take payments and manage my finances since 2015. As our business has grown so have our business needs.”

Alongside offering card payments, iZettle also provides cash advances, enabling the small businesses that use its tools to access funding.

Anita said: “I decided to take out a £25,000 cash advance from iZettle shortly after opening two more stores. The advance allowed me to balance my books, invest in new equipment and launch my website, taking Youjuice online. It enabled us to grow Youjuice by 15 per cent last year.”

January is set to be the juice bars’ busiest month as people kick the year off with a healthy start. Anita is excited about the release of Youjuice’s very own book later in the year which will be packed full of recipes and goodness.

Anita said: “Whilst 2017 may have been all about survival, 2018 looks set to be fruitful for us.”

Business News - 15 January 2018

Why you should get into juice

Nick Mosley talks to Brighton’s juice guru, Anita Drozd of Youjuice, about the benefits of juicing.

What are the benefits of juicing in terms of general health and weight loss?

Most of us tend to over-indulge from time to time on food and drink, especially at this time of the year. But let’s not beat ourselves up.

At Youjuice we don’t believe in quick fixes. I don’t believe in magic detoxes and express weight loss: I believe in giving the body pure nutrition in juice form.

Our Raw Cold pressed juice is full of enzymes and minerals, and thanks to its unique extraction method is absorbed quickly so the effects can be noticed immediately.

Many people see the following during and after a juice cleanse: clear skin, weight loss, reduced bloating, feeling energised, better sleeping patterns and a stronger immune system.

You now have three stores in Brighton, do you have further expansion plans?

If you don’t forward you go backwards. So the answer is I do have expansion plans. This year we will focus on a weekly office run and door-to-door deliveries. We are also working on a franchise model.

In terms of essential nutrition, is juicing an alternative to a balanced diet?

Yes and no. Cold pressed juice is an excellent source of nutrients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

There is no doubt that it contributes to a balanced diet. It’s great to give a boost to your body and a break to your digestive system by drinking only juice for several days. Personally I do one day of juice only on the first and last Monday of each month.

However, the human body also needs fibre and proteins which cannot be found in good quality cold pressed juice.

That’s why we don’t stop at juice and offer an extended range of nutritious and delicious soups, salads and raw snacks which play a huge part in a healthy and balanced diet.

Is it important to use organic fruit and vegetables?

Absolutely yes but as we all know it can very pricey. If you can’t afford organic try to use local fruit and vegetables as much as possible.

Although Youjuice quality comes first I would rather use non-certified fruit and vegetables from trusted local growers than choose the same – quite often more expansive – organic produce which travelled thousands of miles. Our ethos is to use local and organic produce as much as possible.

If people wanted to juice at home, what basic equipment would they need?

It really depends on their budget. Hurom and Green Star juicers are good to start with. I’ve used the Angel 5500 for last for years and could not recommend it highly enough.

What’s a good general health juice to kick start the day?

For me it is always a ginger, lemon and apple immunity shot followed by any of our green juices. I’m sure quite a few of our regulars would agree on that.

Youjuice stores can be found at 96 North Road, 17 Montpelier Place and 48 Brunswick Street East, Brighton.

Arron Hendy - 5 January 2018

Fabulous little feature in Jamie Magazine

Thank you Doug, head chef/owner @silobrighton for featuring us @jamiemagazine '...every time I eat there I'm blown away by how delicious their salads, stews, juices and raw cakes are. It's the kind of food I'd like to eat every lunch time.' 💚

#jamieoliver #summer #food

Raw cold-pressed juice bar opens its doors in Montpelier Place, Hove

Raw cold-pressed juice bar, Youjuice, opened its first ever shop on Montpelier Place, Hove.

Owner, Anita Drozd-Alkin, 29, of Brunswick Street East, has a passion for raw cold-pressed juices and her aim is to bring this knowledge to the Brighton and Hove community.

She said: “My brand is all about health, there’s a big difference between supermarket juices in cartons and raw juices freshly pressed on the day.”

The shop uses local and organic fruit and veg for its drinks, which are not pasteurised to lock in all the goodness.

Juices are made in small batches every day and stay fresh for 72 hours.

Cold pressing protects enzymes and minerals, which are normally destroyed during other juicing processes.

Administrator, Natalia Borg, 27, of Cowley Drive, Brighton, said: “I love juicing at home but it’s so nice to be able to go to a shop who specialise in raw cold-pressed juices.

“They taste really fresh and organic and I think it’s great they recycle their glass bottles.”

As well as selling staple juices the company is also are able to tailor-make cleansing plans to suit the individual.

Not only does it sell a wide range of fresh juices, it also sells organic fruit and veg for people who juice at home.

Since opening on Tuesday, October 14, Mrs Drozd-Alkin said she was amazed at the public response and she has been really busy.

She said: “People have been popping in very excited about something fresh and new coming to this part of town.”

Amy Newson and Fiona Norman

A healthy, yummy little gem on Montpelier Place in Brighton

I recently discovered this gem on Montpelier Place and wanted to share it with all the UO followers! Gorgeous cold pressed juice and lovely staff; I was feeling pretty run down and the Turmeric shot with coconut oil and fennel perked me up no end! I then had their carrot, apple and ginger (R3) Juice which was absolutely delicious and the lovely lady there gave me a free ginger shot as I told her I was feeling like death warmed up.

The juices come in glass bottles and if you return ten of them (either size) you get a free juice or protein rich almond milk blend! They also offer bespoke juice plans and can deliver right to your door!! Good to know a place like this exists in the heart of Brighton!

Check it out UO followers and have a lovely weekend! UO…xx

Kirsty Kianifard