Forget about Christmas indulgence and New Years Diet Resolutions.

Start 2019 with more indulgent food which makes you feel great/ improves digestion and supports weight loss. 

Youjuice intension is to educate how to pay attention on what goes into your body on daily basis without missing out on social events etc. 

Eat.Drink.Cleanse. And be Happy. Sounds easy? Anita will be serving drinks, food and snacks which help improve general well being and mental health. Let’s talk about how easy or difficult it is to keep it healthy over Turmeric Tacos/ Raw Pizza/ Fermented Root Veg Salad/ Wild Mushroom Pearl Barley Risotto/ Cauliflower Steak with Dhal and selection of guild free desserts but first we’ll raise our glasses with Youjuice wonder drinks.

Informative gathering in relaxed setting focused on gut and brain connection.

Anita will be serving drinks, food and snacks which help improve general well being and mental health.

Discover wonderful word of fermented foods and drinks - Tip the balance of health loving microbes over sugar loving microbes and you are over half way there .

From pre birth to professional adult life. Have you ever wondered how you diet effects your every day life and every single decision you make?

Share your experiences and listen to the experts.

Anita’s speaker guest:

Samsara Tanner Doula 
Samsara has been driven by a passion for supporting women through their birthing and postnatal and mothering journey. From her own birthing experiences with her own four babies , and as a doula for her own grandchildren,she understands the importance of support, deep rest and the importance of nurturing the new mother with nutrient rich food after having a baby. She is a trained childbirth educator and has thought classes for many years, as well as birth and postnatal doula and counsellor. Samsara also delivers introduction courses for becoming a doula with Conscious Birthing.

Andy Dean from Metal Aware UK

Andy is the Managing Director of  Mental Health Aware UK (MHA UK) who specialise in creating and developing innovative e learning and in person training courses. He qualified as an Integrative counsellor in the mid-nineties and has delivered Health Promotion programmes for the NHS, runs courses in retreat centres, runs workshops and trainings on positive mental wellbeing and CPD mindfulness workshops for the CIOB. Andy has developed a number of innovative courses that target Mental Wellbeing and deliver take away tools that are designed to self-resource and support the individual to better meet life`s challenges.

Mental health education can empower people to care for themselves and others; reducing stigma through an understanding and breaking down of barriers which affect people accessing support and guidance.  Support that helps us recover from periods of ill mental health, stay well or effectively manage ongoing symptoms - living life to its full potential.